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A FREE tapered leader with every fly pack

NEW SELECTIONS FOR 2019. I have updated and improved our fly selections with brand new Mayfly, Nymph and Grayling packs plus a FREE tapered leader (RRP £2.75) with every pack. The length and tippet strength is chosen to suit the style of precision presentation required.

Post and packing is FREE with orders of two packs or more.




The Ultimate Chalkstream Fly Collection (seven packs) 
£85             Add to cart

Order all seven packs, which includes seven tapered leaders, (grayling selection sold separately) and I will send you a free copy of my Hatch Calendar.

Running to eighteen pages it is packed with photographs, illustrations and advice to cover the entire chalkstream season. See how, where and when to the use the flies in each pack.

Large Dark Olive
Iron Blue Dun
KJ Olive Emerger
Knotless 9ft 4lb/5x tapered leader

£12.35     Add to cart

Flyline May
French Partridge
Green Drake May
Grey Wulff
Spent Mayfly
Thomas’s Mayfly
Knotless 9ft 6lb/3x tapered leader

£12.95     Add to cart

Blue Winged Olive
CDC Hare's Ear Shuttlecock Emerger
Elk Hair Caddis
Grey Adams Klinkhammer
Parachute Adams
Sherry Spinner
Knotless 9ft 3lb/6x tapered leader

£12.65     Add to cart

Cinnamon Sedge
Daddy-Long Legs
Gray Wulff
Greenwell’s Glory
Infallible Emerger
Pale Watery Dun
Knotless 12ft 3lb/6x tapered leader

£12.95     Add to cart

Black Ant
Foam Beetle
Klinkhammer Green Caddis
Knotted Midge
Lunn’s Particular
Saville Super Silver Sedge
Knotless 12ft 2lb/7x tapered leader

£12.35     Add to cart

September & October
Black Gnat
Goddard Natural Sedge
Kite’s Imperial
Yellow CDC Emerger
Royal Wulff
Tup's Indispensible
Knotless 9ft 3lb/6x tapered leader

£12.65     Add to cart

Chalkstream nymphs
Damselfly Nymph wtd
Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear
Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Gold Nugget
Pheasant Tail Gold Nugget
Pink Shrimp
Red (Superglue) Buzzer
Sawyer's Pheasant Tail Nymph
Walker Mayfly Nymph wtd
Knotless 12ft 3lb/6x tapered leader

£12.15     Add to cart

Grayling Specialty
Grayling Pink Bomb
Grayling Witch
Green Shrimp
Killer Bug
Natural Hare's Ear with bead
Pheasant Tail with bead
Red CDC Shuttlecock Emerger
Red Tag
Knotless 15ft 2lb/7x tapered leader

£14.85     Add to cart

Order today and your flies will be with you in 3-5 days. Orders are dispatched by first class mail from Nether Wallop Mill..

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